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On LibraryThing, there are no post titles


For something like 18 months now, I’ve been posting my reading thoughts on LibraryThing’s astonishingly lively 75 Book Challenge group – ‘astonishing’ in that this year, it has attracted more posts than the scifi and fantasy reading groups, who all love to hang out online so very, very much.

I’ve done so because the community is wonderful – great feedback, great conversations, oodles of new book recommendations that I would never have come across otherwise, in part due to the group’s global composition: although it’s dominated by American readers, posters I follow regularly include readers based in New Zealand, Poland and South Africa (I’m just cherry-picking some of my favourites here).

I started this site up years ago with the intention of using it to extend my understanding of the world from both a technical and a verbal perspective. And as you will see, I haven’t posted here for over six months (oh-so-ironically titled ‘Renaissance’), and before that the gap was even longer.

So. I need something to bind myself more firmly to my supposed internet home, and since we can’t have babies together, the next best thing I can offer is my thoughts on what I’m reading.

Unfortunately, I completely suck at copywriting and therefore my post titles will be very poor indeed. Which is something I never had to worry about on the 75 Book Challege.

I’m not planning to abandon my challenge group. But I am going to try out posting my reading thoughts here first and linking back. It will be an interesting experiment… and I will probably fall flat on my face. But I do hope that if I do, you’ll help me up rather than standing over me sniggering. Fingers crossed.

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“On LibraryThing, there are no post titles”

  1. On December 30th, 2009 at 12:39 am Tina Says:

    Found you from LT….I love your blog design–it’s really gorgeous.

    Now for post titles….I try to maintain some consistency in titles if I’m doing reviews..I always start the post title with Review: then the title and author. The other titles, I’m much looser about. If I know I’m going to be doing something on a regular basis, a weekly meme for instance, then I try to use the same title each time. Or, as I’ve done for the past few weeks, I use a similar ‘starter’ e.g, 2010 challenges: then the actual challenge I’m posting about.

    I think it’s not a big deal, as long as readers are drawn in. If it’s a contest or giveaway, say so. If it’s about your cat, call it something kitty-kitty; if it’s a recipe, give us a hint that it’s about cooking.

    Once again….great blog and I wish you success in the future.